This cookbook is more than just a collection of Norwegian dishes. It is an exploration of the where, the why, and the how—the history and stories beyond the plate. There are traditional recipes that have been passed down for centuries, as well as newer recipes that are so embedded in the food culture that it seems like they’ve been traditional Norwegian dishes all along. I also include recipes that utilize Norwegian ingredients in creative and innovative ways. Together, these create a more complete and accurate picture of Norwegian cuisine and how Norwegians eat today.


North wild kitchen cookbook

USA and canada

The North Wild Kitchen cookbook is available WORLDWIDE in the English, Norwegian and German languages. Be sure to find your copy in shops or online sites in your local area. For those in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway and Germany, you can find which online retailers are selling them in the links below.

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Selected as ONE OF the New York Times Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018

“There is much to like about Nevada Berg’s “North Wild Kitchen”, a Norwegian book where I found a number of well-written recipes to add to my repertoire, including simple potato dumplings, cabbage rolls stuffed with venison and a delightfully adaptable apple cake.”


Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

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