To inspire and live mindfully. To appreciate not only food, but each other. And of course, to bring a part of my home, my Norway, to you.

It’s about discovering what’s in our backyards and translating that across the table. To inspire and live mindfully.

Life can take us to some pretty unexpected places. Pretty spectacular places. And I find myself in one of those wondrous places right now. The journey of how I came here becomes even more telling looking back, when the pieces and threads wind themselves around in a way that can only lead here. To my new home. My Norway.

Raised in Utah, with family roots across Colorado and a heritage which resembles something of an over mixed-breed, I always had an affinity for being restless – so exploration and adventure was apparent. I was always trying to find a place which felt like home and yet no matter which continent I crossed or how exciting the place was, I only really ever felt at home in the mountains. Perhaps you can take the girl out of the mountains, but not the mountains out of the girl. These are the things you discover when you grow up. And I grew up.




"Lovely, both the writing and the photos! Norway just moved up a few more notches on the list. I really enjoy how you are exploring truly local food and customs."

"Perusing your blog we found several ingredients that were new to us and have become welcome additions – spruce tips being the most recent – like moose, salmon and black currants:) thanks for sharing your hard work! Best wishes from northern adventures on the opposite side of the globe ;)"


"My heart has always been in Norway. I hope I’m able to continue that journey as time goes on. But…I will enjoy reading your blog and feeling a little envious of your journey, but only in a good way!! Your blog is beautiful. I am enjoying it so much!!'


"Thanks so much, Nevada. You make the world a little brighter with your recipes and pictures."


"The diversity of flavors and use of natural ingredients reminding us of our heritage and days gone by!"


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