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March 2024

March 12, 2024

Spelt Carrot Bread (Gulrotbrød med Spelt)

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Spelt Carrot Bread (gulrotbrød med spelt)
Spelt Carrot Bread (gulrotbrød med spelt)

A few summers ago, we were travelling through the mountain valleys up toward the western coast of Norway. Along the way, we stopped at a café in a little town for a coffee pick-me-up and light lunch; our only recommendation from a quick google search of ‘cafés nearby’. Inside, the place was buzzing with other summer travelers stopping for baked goods and a chance to grab a seat outside to enjoy the intense warmth of the sun. There was a rack of breads behind the counter and one loaf that caught my eye in particular was their carrot bread ‘gulrotbrød’. So, alongside our lunch order I made sure to include a loaf to go.

The carrot bread was a sourdough loaf with pumpkin seeds gracing the top. Inside, were speckles of grated carrots. It was chewy with a good crust, and I knew that one day I would need to make my own variation at home.

Fast forward a few years, and I was reminded again to make it while flipping through old notes. This is my spelt carrot bread. One that can be made in the morning and ready for lunch. It’s soft and springy with a good portion of carrots speckled throughout and some texture from the pumpkin seeds. I recommend taking the first warm slice and spreading a fair amount of butter on top, letting it melt briefly before diving in.

This bread lends itself to being a great everyday loaf. While really good on its own, top it with your favorite things, like cheese and cold cuts. Feel free to omit the pumpkin seeds or substitute with sunflower seeds. For an extra loaf, double the recipe and enjoy when baked or freeze for later.

Spelt Carrot Bread (gulrotbrød med spelt)
Spelt Carrot Bread (gulrotbrød med spelt)
Spelt Carrot Bread (gulrotbrød med spelt)

Spelt Carrot Bread (gulrotbrød med spelt)

Makes 1 loaf

  • 2 ¼ cups plus 2 teaspoons (275 g) white spelt flour
  • 2 ¼ cups plus 2 teaspoons (275 g) all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon (3.5 g) instant yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 medium carrots, grated (200 g)
  • 1 ½ cups (360 ml) warm water
  • Handful of pumpkin seeds

In a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment, combine the spelt flour, all-purpose flour, yeast, and salt. Add the grated carrots and warm water and knead on medium-low for 10 minutes or until the dough is somewhat wet and sticky. Transfer the dough to an oiled bowl (about 1 tablespoon oil), cover with a tea towel, and let rise in a warm spot for 1 hour, or until doubled in size.

Butter a 9×5 inch (23×13 cm) loaf pan.

Gently form the dough into an oblong shape and place in the prepared loaf pan. Gently press the sunflower seeds into the top of the dough. Cover with a tea towel and let rise again in a warm spot for about 1 hour, or until doubled in size.

Preheat the oven to 400ºF (200ºC). Bake for about 35 minutes, or until golden on top. Cool in the pan for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack and let cool completely before slicing. Store in an airtight bag at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Nevada Berg

Nevada is a utah native and norwegian by heart. When not crafting culinary delights she enjoys her family time and tending to her animals. You most certainly can find her perusing her property for wild berries.

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  1. Olivia says:

    I can’t wait to try this!! I just recently got back into bread baking and am just double checking that the first rise is one hour, no matter what or until doubled in size?

  2. Lynn Driggers says:

    I’m looking forward to this the loaf of bread I made to my Sons of Norway Spring gathering tomorrow. Hopefully it’s a hit!
    Tusen Takk


  3. Libby Llop says:

    I modified this for my bread machine and fresh ground whole spelt flour and it was perfect! Thank you.

  4. sally laRhette says:

    wonderfull to read about the food you love to cook!So exciting!Thank you!

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